Saving and Mapping Street Art For the Future

Street art and Graffiti general doesn’t last long. It’s often gets tagged, painted over or often removed. Our aim is to capture images of the best street art from around the world and save them for future generations, in one place.

Currently we are developing an app to allow anyone to upload and share graffiti images. We’ll also share the location so that you can visit and see the work yourself.

It will take a little time to develop, but we hope to build a genuine worldwide community mapping street art, graffiti and supporting the gifted artists.

We’re also supporting graffiti artists by offering free promotion of their art work, web sites, events and more… but we can’t reveal that yet!

If your a graffiti artist and want to contribute by sharing your work then please contact us via our contact page.

Saving & Mapping Street Art for the Future

  • Take a pic
  • Share via Graffiti Hunters app
  • Add to photo gallery
  • View the location

Art defies logic

What’s he looking at?

Check the location on Google Maps:,4.9010051,18.56z?hl=en

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